Designership Collection

Designership aims to evoke unique strong design & crafts on a global scale.
Established Danish and international designers and craftsmen joined by new talents have boarded the Designership.

Interested as a retailer?
Please contact Sales Dep.

Designership Interior Projects

Designership creates projects and events around the world in collaboration with designers, clients and partners.
Our projects pioneer new design, new collaborations that offer a unique perspective.

Interested in collaboration?
Are you an interior designer, architect or entrepreneur?
Please contact Interior Dep.

Designership Marketing / Press

Designership works with a large range of design products, designers and new exciting collaborations.

Please contact Marketing Dep. for any press inquiries

Designership Design Collaborations

We are always looking for new emerging talents to board the Designership.
Please contact Design Dep.

Designership Loft Gallery

The Designership Loft Gallery is our showroom to exhibit all the amazing designs
and art objects. Designership often hosts events in the Loft Gallery where storytelling is the main focus.
Whether it is designer’s methods, brand story or new products launching – the idea is
to add creative layers to the experience of design thinking and craftsmanship.