DKK 120.000,00

ACROSS by artist Helle Hove

ACROSS – contemporary sculpture reveals a magical story of both strict geometric forms, context, relationship and network.

An amazing sculpture with a strictly and refined geometric grid dividing the light into new stunning patterns of light and shadow. The layers of the refined grid changes depending on the light, placement and the perspective of the viewer.

The sculpture gives an aesthetic and scenographic experience in the interaction with the material and the shadow patterns which the sculpture forms.

Dimension: Diameter 300 x D: 45 cm

Weight: 40 kg



ACROSS modular construction can be divided into six half-circles so it can enter the door.

Anchoring brackets are included.

ACROSS is a indoor sculpture and with the measures 3 meters in height it requires a high ceiling space. When standing in front of a window or a lit wall, the fine silhouette effect is achieved. Possibly use slowly changing, colored LED light. The light aluminum can also contrast with a dark back wall.


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