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SANDDOODLE by artist Helle Hove

SANDDOODLE creates moments of improvisation, sensual immersion and it reveals a fascination of the hand-crafted, the imperfect, the beauty in the line’s irregularity and the spontaneity in drawing.

Experience the captivating and sensuous story of sand drawing. A moment for creating a dialogue in sand – a combination of presence and being creative with patterns.

The Stoneware dish is hand-thrown and hand-glazed in Denmark. Notice how the lip thickens and curves slightly inward, casting a shadow on the inside of the dish – this is free-hand work. The drawing plane is made of black granite, and the sand is from the Danish sea – cleaned and hand-sifted.

Every SANDDOODLE dish is delivered in a custom made bag including two bags of sand, drawing tool and a presentation.
Dimension: Diameter 42 cm

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SANDDOODLE / Sand drawing

Sprinkle lightly, Draw slowly and begin your moment of sand drawing

Try taking turns with a friend, each drawing one line at a time. Let your body guide the patterns and lines you draw, without putting too much thought into it. See what happens. Let it be a surprise if the lines come to resemble something, or if you make a really beautiful drawing. You can always snap a photo, so you´ll still have the heart to change it.