Below is the story and photos of a beautiful time with new collaborations and focus on local engagement and invitations to the gallery special events and meetings with stunning art pieces from international artists and tasting of simplicity of greeneries and delights. 

Now in 2024 Designership continue the work with local engagement and the interactive meetings between art, people and with the focus of YOUTH EMPOWERMENT collaborations. An invitation to young people to join our YouthClub and to engage as part of our interactive art installation and projects work team.

In 2018 DESIGNERSHIP introduced the new GALLERY concept DESIGN SQUARE GALLERY with curated contemporary sculpture, iconic design and limited editions. The GALLERY concept presented an original selection with focus on professional craftsmanship and quality. The gallery were located in a historic building in Kolding beside the castle, Koldinghus, which embrace a history of the past, present and the future. In 2021 we choose to close the GALLERY. Some of the art pieces you can find in Contemporary Sculpture in the online store.

DESIGNERSHIP / DESIGN SQUARE GALLERY was a magical scenographic SQUARE space of design and art. A metropol of an inspiring culture both for local engagement in the community as well as an international embracement of each individual’s preferences. We welcomed everyone to be actively encouraged to take part in our stories. DESIGNERSHIP present iconic design objects and as a creative studio we communicate, challenge, enrich, excite and inspire with an authentic storytelling. We value the history while creating the future trends and making space for new experiences. Sustainability and respect for nature permeates DESIGNERSHIPs mindset.


Established Danish and international designers and craftsmen have boarded the SHIP as part of our DESIGNERSHIP Collection. Furthermore we presented was a strong variety of beautiful furniture collections from our collaboration brands and amazing curated sculptures from international artists. DESIGNERSHIP / DESIGN SQUARE GALLERY host events where storytelling is the main focus. Whether it is designer’s methods, brand story or new product details – we reveal the creative layers in the experience of crafts. We are looking forward to show you the DESIGNERSHIP / DESIGN SQUARE GALLERY concept with inspiring events and experiences with tastings, qualities and storytelling. DESIGNERSHIP aims to evoke unique strong design & crafts on a global scale. With DESIGNERSHIP COLLECTION we create iconic design objects which can live through generations, sustainable design with high quality.

DESIGNERSHIP creates projects and events around the world in collaboration with designers, clients and partners. Our projects pioneer aesthetic interior projects, new designs and new collaborations that offer a unique perspective.