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Sculptures by Annette Dickow

The Contemporary Sculptures by Annette Dickow originates from the Novo Modo Jewellery Collection. The collection reflects a meeting between life and death – the connectedness of contradictions. A quiet disappearance to a new place – a new state

The shape is created by compounded parts where contour is transformed into dissolved form. The sawn shapes are made out of Annette Dickow’s ink drawings – the process starts on paper – an intuitive process that is also preserved in the way the works in metal have emerged and shaped.

Her work reveal an experimental and artistic approach. – A universe full of stories and poetry. Her work reflect observation and wonderment over phenomena near and far, the changeable and the fickle, from adhesion to disconnection, the said and the unsaid…

Silver and oxidized cobber

Dimension: W 24 cm x L 37 cm

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